Gianmarco Pozzecco charges Gabriele Procida

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The words of Gabriele Procida

Interviewed by Fabrizio Fabbri in the “Corriere dello Sport,” Gabriele Procida emphasized what it means for him to be among the 12 who will play with the Italian national team in the World Cup in the Philippines: “Even though I’m about to set foot on the steps of the plane I still haven’t quite realized. But I’m there and I feel honored. It has always been a dream in the drawer that is now coming true.”

Procida in this national team has a strong impact coming off the bench, “Coach asks me and everyone else to always be ourselves and never give up a shot. Every time I go in I try to put a lot of aggression. The goal is to do what the team needs to do at that moment: capture a rebound, get a breakthrough, take a three-pointer. Always putting the team ahead of everything.”

Gabriele will also reunite with great friend Matteo Spagnolo at ALBA Berlin: “I’ve told him about the city, the team routines, and the environment. He will have no problem adjusting to the new reality right away. It is not difficult to be comfortable in an open and multicultural environment like Berlin. You have everything at your fingertips. It is a city full of young people; there are many things to do. The only big difference is in the weather: lots of gray skies and rain. But you get used to that, too.”

Finally, how did Procida’s passion for basketball come about? “I started with basketball for fun. I liked playing sports as a kid, and my parents, seeing me taller than my peers, made me try it out by taking me to the gym. I didn’t think I would become a professional. There was never a time when I said, “Now I’m a player and this will be my job.” It has been a constant growth. I try to give my best at every opportunity to get as high as possible.”

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