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Fisi for the Future

"Fisi for the future" è the new technical and cultural project developed by the Competitive Alpine Skiing Directorate, the Federal Technical School, and the discipline’s Youth Commission in collaboration with territories and clubs.
The project concretely addresses the problem of early specialization that has è been spreading in recent years, despite the fact that it has now been ascertained and scientifically proven how it does not take into account the different biological development times of children, how it can lead to very fast abandonment of the activity, an increased risk of injury, or in any case to an incorrect psychomotor and competitive growth.

The project is based on the creation of 8 new competition formats. Of these 8, each Regional Committee will have to compulsorily include within its 2023/2024 Calendar a minimum of 2 formats for Chicks and 1 format for Children, choosing the ones most appropriate to its territory, and assigning them the same value given to the classic formats.

They are all formats that intend to enhance multidisciplinarity instead of super-specialization.

Among the pillars of the project is the’è intention to organize two competitions within the same day in order to optimize the day itself, to organize three-heat competitions by rewarding the best of the three and to reward multiple competitive aspects within the same competition.

The new formats are aimed at youth categories: superbaby, baby, puppy, boy and student.

So let’s take a quick look at the new race formats:

– GRAND GIANT (baby, puppies)

– FAST FEET (baby, puppies, boys, students)

– SKI STYLE (baby, puppies)

– FLIPPER / PSL (superbaby, baby, puppies, boys, students)

– GS PARKOUR (superbaby, baby, puppies)

– NEW GIMKANA (superbaby, baby, puppies, boys, students)

– ABILITY RACE (superbaby, baby, puppies)

– COMBINED FISI (superbaby, baby, puppies)

“This is a revolutionary project – said FISI President Flavio Roda -, which can’finally change the approach to’agonism. We are no longer going towards specialization, but we are looking for a more adequate growth of young athletes”.

“The click l’I had when in participating in the second level coaches course – added Matteo Marsaglia, in his role as federal advisor -, I realized how the time was ripe to create a round table with the Youth Alpine Skiing Commission, Stf and Agonistic Direction, in order to concretely address certain issues that had been discussed for some time. I found an extremely motivated and aligned group and I am very pleased and proud of the work done (the working group consisted of: Paolo Deflorian, Giacomo Bisconti, Paolo Borio, Thomas Valentini, Betty Biavaschi in addition to Marsaglia). È an important first step, but this is a long-term project that is constantly evolving. We are aware that it is ambitious, but equally aware of the goodness of the project”.

“This is a very important intervention that the Federation puts in place to promote the harmonious growth of young athletes – said Stf/Coscuma director Giacomo Bisconti -, and which complements some concepts that we have been proposing for some years as Federal Technical School. In this case, everything is finalized with competitions, which give concreteness to the theoretical part. It’ s a work that has seen all the federal components work in synergy and find a’unity’ of purpose during the drafting and preparation of competition formats. The project has already met with great favor from all components of the world of winter sports, and è an excellent starting point”.

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