Gigi Datome already ready to change his life

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The words of Gigi Datome

Gigi Datome spoke to Repubblica on the eve of the World Championship debut in Manila: "This è the last one. Not just the’last World Cup, not just my last event. It is really my last matches. I leave in one of the best moments of my career, as champion of Italy two years in a row with Olimpia Milano, and after a World Cup in the Azzurri. But I feel that the moment è the right one. And that’s fine;»

The future è written: "I thank’Olimpia for offering me this chanceà. Ità will be a break-in year, studyò as a manager. And I will haveò more time for my daughter Gaia as well: she will be 2 years old in December. In these weeks we have been very little together. We will recover. But now head on the World Cup. It’s getting serious, although that è a wrong way of putting it: we have been getting serious since the first training session, in Folgaria last July 24".

First forò there'è a Blue dream: "Goals? We won&#39t use that word. What we want è to play logical, intelligent basketball. We are a team with an important IQ, we know how to turn the ball over, interpret the phases of the game, understand the moments of the game. We have to try to keep up the level of our plays and our choices for as close to 40 minutes as possible, and to limit the damage in the moments of decline.

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