It’s Jannik Sinner mania: boom of very young tennis players

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It's Jannik Sinner mania: boom of very young tennis players

Jannik Sinner è arrived in the world tennis elite at just over 20 years old, and has become the idol of many young boys and girls who dream of breaking through in the tennis world.

To Ansa, Bauzanum Tennis Club'77 manager Francesco Tinaglia confirmed that the Sinner phenomenon has è made itself particularly felt in South Tyrol: "The Sinner phenomenon has brought an increase, in South Tyrol and consequently also in our club, of young boys and girls who want to take up this sport, which thanks to him is having a huge evolution".

"In the last three or four years we have had a 20-30% increase in membership. So many have come from Covid time becauseé unable to play contact sports, such as soccer. But the real boom, especially of young people, there'è been with our phenomenon Jannik Sinner", continued Tinaglia.

"The tennis schools are full and we see it especially in the summer courses. There are many participants and we also see it in the tournaments: before, they used to have tournaments with 50-60 children in the whole province, today in every district, there are more than a hundred under-10 and under-8" entries every time.

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