Ferrari, Leclerc aims for redemption: ‘I must give everything’

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Ferrari, Leclerc aims for redemption: "I must give everything"

Coming back from the bad weekend in Zanvoort, which ended with a retirement, Charles Leclerc looks to Monza with confidence and a desire for redemption: "It'  a race different from the others. Driving Ferrari è a privilege and the affection is there’everywhere, but here… We hope to get a good result".

On the possibilitiesà Fella ferrari: "Not è a track like Spa, but Monza has similar characteristics and we hope to fight for the podium. I will giveò everything to get there".

For Leclerc, the Gp d'Oalnda is not è all to throw away: "We learned a lot, especially on the wing and tried various solutions in terms of set-up and got some confirmations". 

"The situation è clear on what we are missing, the car è unpredictable and sometimes hard to drive with balance changes. And we have to work on that".

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