Pecco Bagnaia, Brad Binder shaken: “Thank God…”

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Pecco Bagnaia, Brad Binder shaken: "Thank God…"

KTM rider Brad Binder to Sky recounted the terrible accident at the start of the Catalan GP, when he ran over Pecco Bagnaia by running over his leg. "For me è it was very difficult. At the exit of two I saw Pecco and his bike in the middle of the track".

"I hit a piece of his bike and started to shake the bike to avoid him, instead I hit his leg, or something. I don’t know guys, thank God I saw him move…", recounted the shaken South African centaur.

"I m glad that when I went to see him he was fine. I went to the medical center to see how he was and saw that he was okay. I got scared, è it happened very quickly".

Binder è retired right away on the second restart: "When we restarted, we didn’t have tires available, we used the front from qualifying. The start è went well, then we had a technical problem".

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