Donnarumma: “With Spalletti we will do great things.”

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Donnarumma: "With Spalletti we will do great things"

Italian national team goalkeeper Luciano Spalletti to official Figc channels spoke ahead of the Azzurri’s upcoming commitments: "With Spalletti we are getting along well, I did not know him but we all know what he did last year. We will definitely make a great path, we are happy and optimistic. We will do great things". 

"Now we have two important games, which we cannot miss. We will go to Macedonia to try to win, like then in Milan against Ukraine. With Macedonia there is no’è desire for revenge, we have to think about us. We know we did not go to the World Cup because of that game, we are angry and we all want to do well to win. It's a difficult field, there’è to be careful with the conviction to do great things".

On Buffon team manager: "Gigi I found him always the same, the same person who with great enthusiasm helps everyone. Already; only his presence gives you extra strength, we are happy to have him with us. From Buffon I learned everything: from technique, to being in goal".

"I observed him all the time, such as not getting caught up in emotion. He's been number 1 in everything, he always gave me so much advice and from him there’è only to learn".

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