Beppe Marotta gets out of line on Dimarco’s renewal

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Beppe Marotta’s words on the sidelines of the 'Gentleman’s Award'

Beppe Marotta è spoke at the microphones of Sky Sport, on the sidelines of the event 'Gentleman's Award'. It è started with the derby, scheduled for Saturday at 6 p.m.: "Meanwhile, let it be a beautiful spot for the world of soccer and for Italy. Certainly the derby always has a special flavor, è an extracittadina in which, beyond what is experienced on the field, the beautiful thing è the confrontation that is experienced in a friendly way by the fans. A confrontation made of choreography, colors, which always leaves something that cannot be forgotten. I certainly hope that there will be a flattering performance on our part, although we are in a moment of the beginning of the championship for which è it is very difficult to make evaluations and predictions".

He then commented on Frattesi’s double in the national team jersey: "The satisfaction certainly è given by being Italian and seeing a team win deservedly at San Siro. Then è it is normal that the fact that in the starting eleven there were four Inter players underscores how Inter is following a different model than in the recent past, creating a hard core of Italians that I believe is propaedeutic to reach certain goals. This è a team that we want to strengthen even more; just as a model and we are very happy. As for Inzaghi, he is proving with time that he is a good coach and certainly his experience, which began two and a half years ago now, is giving very good results and it makes us think that the future can only be better".

The Nerazzurri’s ad è unbalanced himself on Federico Dimarco’s renewal: "An extension è dutiful when players show a sense of belonging. È right to receive this will; and therefore, as soon as possible, we will get around a table".

Finally, he had his say on the affair related to Paul Pogba: "To Pogba I am bound by a relationship of great affection. Let’s not forget that Juventus took him for free from Manchester United and after a few years sold him back to the same club for 115 million, so è it was something extraordinary. I can say that definitely è a serious guy and a serious professional. Then I would not like to go into it because è è it is obvious that it is not my job. From my side there'è sadness, but often è there'è some levity on the part of the players. I hope very much that this situation will serve as a warning to many other guys and the hope è that Pogba can solve this momentary difficulty because I can guarantee that he is a very serious professional and would have no reason not to be".

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