Marco Bezzecchi open-hearted about Pecco Bagnaia and Valentino Rossi

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Marco Bezzecchi’s words on Pecco Bagnaia and Valentino Rossi

During an interview given to the microphones of "GpOne", the rider of the Ducati Mooney VR46, among other topics, è dwelt on his relationship with Pecco Bagnaia and Valentino Rossi.

"It's a great pride, because for me Vale è always been an idol and still is. Going into the Academy and then into MotoGp with his team è fantastic. With Rossi we created a great friendship, but when you work you always have to stay focused on the important things and on the track he è a great teacher and taught me a lot. As a boss, however, è very demanding. Having been a great driver he knows what his drivers can è need. He is investing in us and we have to give our best to repay him" began the centaur of the Mooney VR46 team.

"With Pecco we have built a great relationship over time. We have always gotten along since the Academy days and when we found each other in MotoGp we got even closer thanks to the battles. I am glad to have grown also thanks to him and I hope in the future to share the same box with him" added the rider from Rimini.

In conclusion, Bezzecchi è dwelt on the decision to remain in the Mooney VR46 team next season as well: "My reasoning è was that in a new team I would have to start from scratch. It would have been difficult to get to know a new bike and a new team and have time to adapt. My choice è was also from the heart. I decided to stay in VR46 for a variety of reasons".

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