All impressed by Cagliari’s little jewel

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All impressed by Cagliari’s little jewel

In the 0-0 draw against Udinese, Claudio Ranieri decided to start young Matteo Prati. Class of 2003, the player è arrived in Sardinia this summer: Giulini paid into the coffers of the Estense club 5 million euros.

Prati amazed for his personality: despite being on his debut in Serie A, the midfielder played an excellent game with few smears: "Playing in Serie A è a dream come true, today I had the chance. I have to improve and work better for the team, too bad about today, we needed the three points but we had a good match. The choice to come to Cagliari è was made immediately, I wanted to come here and I never had any doubts. My choice è also dictated by the coach who è one of the best and I can learn well from him" said after the game.

Claudio Ranieri dotes on him: "Prati è a real director and we need him. He's a veteran, he plays one-touch. He asked me for the change, he couldn't take it anymore, otherwise I wouldn't have taken him off". In the next round Cagliari will be busy in Bergamo with Atalanta: we will see if Prati will take the field again.

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