F1, Lewis Hamilton is outspoken about Red Bull’s competitiveness

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Lewis Hamilton’s words in the press conference ahead of the Suzuka GP

During the press conference presenting the Suzuka GP, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton è expressed himself on the possible redemption of Red Bull after the complicated weekend in Singapore. In addition, the seven-time World Champion è dwelt on the fight with Ferrari for second place in the Constructors’ Championship.

"I don’t know if there will be a Red Bull comeback, but I hope that if there is, they are not as superior as in the past. They have been phenomenal all season and I think they will do well here. In Singapore we had a great race where we were all close. This weekend I don’t imagine the same performance but we can keep pushing" began the British driver.

"I find this battle for second place exciting. We got off to a bad start in the season and now to be fighting for second place in the Constructors è as important as it is for Ferrari. We hope to beat them as they want to beat us" added the Mercedes driver.

"I don’t remember saying that è my favorite track, but è one of my favorites. It is a historic track, a great country where the food è unique. It's a track that I really like and I hope it can work out well for us" Lewis Hamilton commented.

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