F1, Lewis Hamilton slams George Russell

©Getty Images

Hamilton: “Russell ahead of me in the standings? I do the hard work…”

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton in an interview with the BBC also talked about George Russell, who in his debut year in the German team’s single-seater is currently fourth in the standings, +20 on the seven-time world champion.

The Anglocaribbean driver was keen to emphasize his valuable development work, “I’m the one doing all the hard hard work, working with the various set-ups, with the wings and more…. That’s because I’ve been here for a long time, I know the engineers, we’ve had a lot of constructive discussions,” he said. “George is in his first year and he’s doing the job to the best of his ability, without any major set-up changes. If he finishes ahead of me this year, I won’t resent it, in the end I’m sixth and he’s fourth. Had we been first and second, however, it would have been different.”

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