Mourinho: “I don’t know if I’m staying. There is also anti-Mourinhism in Rome.”

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Roma, Mourinho: "I do not know if I stay. C'è the'anti-mourinhism"

Roma coach José Mourinho did not è open up about his future after 2024 to Sky microphones: "Am I staying after June? I don’t know. Before Budapest I promised the players that I would stay. After Spezia, at the Olimpico, with gestures I told the fans that I would stay here and now I am here".

"Does mourinhism exist? There is also anti-Mourinhism. Especially in Rome, there are both factions. Mourinhism is known by people who know what I did. The anti mourinhism è ridden by happy people all the time when Roma didn't win a cup, didn't have any kind of European success. They have fun on the radio and it&#39s fine".

"anti mourinhism sells, mourinhism è a way of being in life more than in soccer. I say this because I find people on the street, everywhere in the world, who identify with me and my way of being in life. For me, however, the most important game è is always the next one. The rest è the past, è history".

"I like Romanism. I like the pure Romanist, I like the Romanist from the street, who goes in the morning to Trigoria just to get a picture. I like the people who follow the team everywhere. When you get to two European finals and take the city with you, when you cry with joy with them, you become even more one of them. È what I feel now, è it was natural. When I am on the bench and I look to the right at the Olimpico, I still get emotional".

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