Rafa Nadal: on returning to Australian Open there is a clarification

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About the big comeback, comes a clarification.

Rafa Nadal at the Australian Open in 2024 è has been one of the most awaited and welcome news for tennis fans around the world, but the last word has not yet been said. The Majorcan himself has decided to comment on the director&#39s announcement of the first Slam of the year, clarifying what his actual conditions are.

"I am pleased with the vote of confidence that has è come to me from the Australian Open. I am training every day and working hard to be able to return as soon as possible", Nadal wrote on Twitter. In fact confirming his intention to be in Melbourne, but not necessarily that his actual presence is certain.

In this direction è also went the statement to 'agency 'Reuters' by his representative Benito Perez-Barbadillo: "Nadal is training, I can confirm it. Everyone has seen him on his Instagram profile. There isn't forè a confirmed, set or scheduled date for his return".

"The 2022 Australian Open champion has been working hard to recover from the injury. He has always given his best in Melbourne and no one can doubt the strength of his competitive spirit. I have been in touch with his team, è he is back on the court training and aims to return to Melbourne in January"” tournament director Craig Tiley had said about Nadal.

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