National team, Zaniolo praises Spalletti: “A straightforward coach.”

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The former Roma midfielder wants to contribute to the national team


Zaniolo cares very much about the national team. Discovered by Mancini, he is now è in the hands of Spalletti, a CT that he likes very much, as the midfielder himself on loan from Aston Villa admitted in an interview with Repubblica.

"At’Inter I was not ready. Here I è immediately seemed a direct coach, very prepared, who knows what he wants you to do on the field. If you do well he tells you, if è badly he tells you to your face. I would rather have a person tell me 'You are poor' than to promise you a thousand things and deliver nothing. Many people do it, have done it and always will do it in soccer. It is not è easy to find people like Spalletti", his clear words.

To date, the former Roma midfielder has played 15 games in the Italy shirt, scoring two goals. Both goals came in the match against Armenia almost four years ago. With Spalletti guiding him, he hopes to return decisive in goal as soon as possible.

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