Charles Leclerc starts again in Mexico

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The words of Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc spoke on the eve of a new Grand Prix in America after the Texas disappointment.

"Mexico è always a special place. The passion there’è is unbelievable, and one of the races where there'è more cheers".

"I è always liked Mexico, I went there for New Year’s Eve two years ago and è it was beautiful: the race is no exception, I è always liked going there. The stadium area è incredible, there are so many people and so much extravagance, especially when we do the parade lap. We can feel how much passion there is in the stands, è incredible. My favorite sector è the middle one, which is done at high speed; but also the final one è beautiful for the ’Arena. I love the’Arena, a little bit’ less so the curves that are there. If you talk about drivabilityà, I prefer the second area, if you talk about passions and environment the third area", he concluded.

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