Reyer Venezia, Neven Spahija: “Too early to make judgments.”

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The words of Neven Spahija in the press conference ahead of the challenge with Pistoia

Coach Neven Spahija spoke in a press conference ahead of the challenge against Pistoia, scheduled for Sunday at 4 p.m. at 'PalaCarrara': "The roster situation has not è changed, Parks will not play; while everyone else is available. Alex O'Connell has to live with the heavy blow he received against Varese and, considering also the injury suffered against Paris, he can&#39t find rhythm and continuity in training, nevertheless improving every day".

"We lost in Istanbul a very physical and tough game, in the final we did not execute what we had to – added the coach of the orogranata -. Some times they enter more shots than others, but we have to play better basketball. The one against Besiktas è game number 10 in the season, too little to make judgments, but I don’t like to lose games when we don’t execute what we prepared".

"The next game è in Pistoia, a very tough competition. Looking at the standings there&39;è distance between us and them, but it doesn&39;t mean much because we have to play better and try to win. It will be&eagrave; difficult, but we go to Tuscany prepared" Spahija commented.

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