Angelo Binaghi on the court with Jannik Sinner

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The words of Angelo Binaghi

Angelo Binaghi, President of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation, spoke on the sidelines of the ATP Finals draw. "Today è a great day of celebration. It è for our tennis people who are getting bigger and bigger. Lo è for the ATP who believed in us, giving us this opportunity. Lo è for those who have supported us, the state, the Italian and foreign sponsors who would like to do it even more; but we have no moreù space".

"Lo è for those who with us created this great success, Sport and Health and the Management Committee. It è for the territory, the Municipality, the Region. It è finally, it will be for all the players, to whom our welcome goes. The figures say it: out of a total of 166,470 saleable tickets, we sold 160,612 (40.2% from abroad, from 95 different countries, 9 more than last year, major buyers: Switzerland 4.46%, Germany 2.9%, England 2.79% and Brazil 2.72%, not even one from Arabia) equal to 96.5% of saleable tickets. Then adding the attendance of the press, athlete staff, and seats reserved for the ATP and authorities, we arrive at a total of 171,097 total attendance out of 176,985 seats available in the 15 sessions, or almost 97% of the maximum capacity of the facility. Data in hand we will come to have sold out in all 15 sessions, although the mechanism of releases by the companies that manage the packages should allow even the last latecomers to still find some tickets at the’last moment. And since this è is the largest arena our country has ever had, it means that in the history of Italian sports there’è has never been an indoor event with this much success. These are data from an event of planetary relevance and visibility, which will be seen in 179 different countries and in 849 million homes, and which, as we know, and as E&amp will illustrate to us at the end;Y, will generate, among other things, an economic impact on the territory in excess of 230 million euros, extraordinary revenue for the state in excess of 50 million euros, and the creation of new job opportunities equal to the’equivalent of a number of full-time jobs for one year equal to about 1.500".

"What we will know at the end, however, becauseé è is the subject of a study we commissioned from a leading company in the field, è the’social impact of this Manifestation, which evaluates the spillover effects generated on our community; by studying its change in lifestyles, and the well-being it originated, evaluating, for example, the boost to sports practice that it may have generated, the development of a sense of community, the improvement of the image of the host region, the promotion of local culture and identity, and the increase in civic pride. Factors, all of which can not only improve the quality of life, but also stimulate further investment, attract new residents and tourists, thus expanding the long-term economic impact of the event. We anticipate just one figure, to also respond to a sensibility that the mayor had highlighted on recent occasions, which testifies to how deeply the Finals are affecting the fabric of the local community. This è is the trend of membership in the Piedmont region since we have the Finals, and this è is the trend of young tennis players in the same time frame. But that the party will be so big can be heard in the roar that will greet Jannik on the court, because on the court with him we will also be there, for the first time in history as seeded players, among the favorites, aware of the fact that being there è in any case a great achievement but that if by chance we should make it all the way it would only be a confirmation of the value that we have already proven to have”.

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