F1, Ferrari: comes a jibe from Christian Horner

©Getty Images

Christian Horner, swipe at Ferrari

To return to winning ways, Ferrari must "become a car team again". It's this, guinta from the microphones of the podcast 'Eff Won with DRS', the latest provocation of Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull, against a Ferrari that for the fifteenth consecutive year has failed to get neither the drivers'title nor the constructors's title.

Horner argued his point thus, trying to explain an apparently cryptic statement: "Ferrari&#39s biggest problem is that, practically, it&#39s a kind of national team. It's become an institution with too many people at the top, each with their own opinion".

"The media, then, exert a lot of pressure,‖ added the Red Bull team boss. They have great influence on what happens in Ferrari. For us, on the other hand, è everything is different: we move quickly, we make decisions and if we realize they are wrong, we simply change our point of view".

Ferrari’s last titles date back to 2007 and 2008: in the first case it was the drivers’ title won by Kimi Raikkonen at the wheel of the F2007, in the second case came instead the constructors’ title, thanks to the points collected by the same Raikkonen and Felipe Massa. Since then, però, not è no longer came a World Championship, despite the always high expectations from the fans of the Rossa.

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