Real Madrid-Napoli, Walter Mazzarri sheds light on Victor Osimhen

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Walter Mazzarri spoke on the eve of Real Madrid-Napoli

Walter Mazzarri spoke on the eve of Real Madrid-Napoli, entrusting his remarks to the microphones of 'Sky Sport'. Among the main topics was the possibility of deploying Victor Osimhen from the 1', despite possible rusts given his long absence due to injury, from which he è returned only a few days ago, playing a remnant of a game in Bergamo against Atalanta.

"Let's wait for tomorrow,” Mazzarri said, “I have to talk to him and we have to draw conclusions, the very close games impose these kinds of considerations. He certainly does not have the 90 minutes in his legs, but I do not exclude that he could still start. We will see tomorrow".

Mazzarri will find, on the other bench, another veteran of the bench like Carlo Ancelotti: "I really get along well with him,” he said.

We have often spoken to each other in the past, too, and for my part there is unlimited esteem. With a person like him è however, the minimum: è a gentleman and an example, also of self-control".

Given the standings of Champions League Group C, tomorrow’s challenge plays a significant role: a success would not only allow them to detach their ticket to the round of 16 regardless of the result of Braga-Union Berlin, but would also keep open the games for the first place, occupied for now precisely by Real.

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