Christian Horner gets off the hook for 2024

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Christian Horner gets out of line ahead of 2024

The 2023 season è was marked by true domination by Red Bull, which won no less than 21 out of 22 races and 26 out of 28 counting Sprint Races. Making the Milton Keynes stable's year even more historic was Max Verstappen, who achieved, among multiple records, the most wins in a single season and the most laps in the lead. Looking ahead to 2024, team principal Christian Horner has not ruled out the possibility that competitors could disrupt the Austrian team’s clear superiority.

"We had a clear example with Mercedes in 2020, that è was their most dominant year ever, yet we managed to beat them in 2021 at the last race. There are small changes, but I think nothing stands still. We have seen the teams approaching each other at different tracks and I am sure the concepts will converge and next year will be a much moreù hard-fought championship" began the British team principal as quoted by "FormulaPassion".

"I don’t think we will ever be able to repeat a season like the one we just finished, but hopefully we can take the right lessons from the RB19 and apply them to the RB20, soì to present a car that can defend these titles. There have been different opponents at different times. McLaren è grew a lot and in the second half of the season è was almost always the second fastest team on the grid. Ferrari è also managed to put us in trouble, as well as Mercedes, which è showed up at one point" added Christian Horner.

Of a different opinion, however, è seemed Toto Wolff during testing in Abu Dhabi at the end of the season: "I do not know if we will be able to compete with Red Bull next year. They won the last race with a clear lead and brought the latest updates in August.

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