Monza, Adriano Galliani armors jewel Andrea Colpani

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Colpani is becoming a valuable piece of the market

Colpani is burning the candle at the seams. Thanks to his excellent performances in the Monza jersey, he has won the national team and, above all, the interest of many top clubs. However, Galliani is curbing the enthusiasm of interested clubs. For the time being, Colpani will not go anywhere but will continue to make his contribution with the Monza jersey.

"He has five years on his contract, we are in December and until June and beyond it is not è negotiable", the clear words of the biancorosso CEO to Corriere dello Sport. Clearly, a lot will depend on who will come forward and, of course, on the size of the eventual offer. The market has taught that, in the end, no one è really incedible.

Class of 1999, a big fan of Roby Baggio, Colpani is having an incredible season. After four goals last season, è he has already reached six and the meter keeps running. It is normal that his name is in the notebook of several clubs. Galliani will receiveà several calls soon. At that point we will have toà also understand the will of the player.

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