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The words of Ettore Messina

Ettore Messina spoke after the Munich defeat: “Congratulations to Bayern, but we threw away an’opportunity. We played a good game in general, with the exception of the last part of the first quarter, when we were ahead by 8 points and allowed them a partial, without committing fouls. We did not use them to stop the counterattack, we made two fouls in 15 minutes in the first half, not è a sign of a competitive team. In the second half, we were more aggressive and with good offensive combinations, until the last minute. Then we did not foul on the’last possession. We move forward, in a very difficult season”.

Decisive was the'last possession of regulation: "I drew the game, but I saw that the players were not in the right position. Soì I called timeout, but, at the same time, the referee put the ball in the hands of our player. It created an advantage for them, because they saw what we had drawn. The rules say that if I call timeout, you have to concede it before giving the ball. Otherwise, you don’t grant it. It è was not done on purpose, forò they granted an advantage to our opponents".

Messina also hugged Ibaka at the end: "I congratulated him, as a player and as a person. I am glad that a player of this level is playing in the Euroleague, è important for the competition. Today è he was a very important factor for Bayern"-

Still closing on the'last defensive possession of regulation: “There’s no misunderstang, you have to foul. I called timeout, there’s were strict instructions, we didn’t do it. Our fault. Then in the overtime we didn’t have any more. We also suffered too much Edwards, è a great player, but we had to do much better on him. Again è related to competitiveness è and physicality, è an important part of Euroleague games. If you don’t put your body and fight, è it è very difficult. It è not a league of finesse, you have to fight”.

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