Reggio Emilia to Varese, Dragan Sakota identifies dangers

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Reggio Emilia on the road on the parquet of Openjobmetis.

Dragan Sakota, coach of UNAHOTELS Reggio Emilia, presented to the official channels of the Emilia club the away game on Saturday night on the parquet of Palasport Lino Oldrini, home of Openjobmetis Varese.

“We are going to face a team that is extremely oriented towards offensive play,” said the Belgrade native coach: Varese is first in points scored, they have the potential to go above 100 every single game thanks to their talent. They are playing a very positive season, they should be congratulated for the results they are getting and for the great confidence with which they take the court.”

“It will be a difficult test for us,” Sakota added, “but in a situation like ours we have to be mentally ready and have the strength to be able to seize the moments in the game when we will have a chance to take it home.

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