Basketball, Cantù celebrates Berdini’s confirmation

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Excellent news for the white-blue society, a sign of continuity

New confirmation in the Acqua S.Bernardo Cantù roster. The point guard, class 2003, Nicola Berdini will in fact wear the biancoblù jersey also in the 2023/2024 season. “The confirmation of Nicola,” comments Acqua S.Bernardo General Manager Alessandro Santoro, “is a signal in the direction of continuity. Although we have ample freedom in the construction of the roster, with the exception of the already established relationship with Filippo Baldi Rossi, we paid attention to renewals precisely to follow up on the work done until a few months ago. Berdini fits perfectly in this context, as he is a guy who has shown in large parts of the championship his qualities and I believe he can confirm them next season.” “We have,” Santoro concludes, “a lot of confidence in Nicola and we are convinced that, despite his young age, he can make a concrete contribution to our project.

“I am very happy – comments Nicola Berdini – to stay in Cantù. Being able to play again for the Biancoblù people and for such an ambitious and important club is a source of great pride for me and I can’t wait to see my teammates and staff again. We want to take satisfaction all together!”

A Reyer Venezia school, Berdini trained in the Orogranata youth academy, with which he played, for two consecutive years (2018-2020), in the Adidas Next Generation Tournament, or EuroLega for U18 teams. In his first participation he played an average of 24′, scoring over 14 points per game; the following year he managed to almost double his figures, finishing the prestigious European event with 22.5 points, 3 rebounds and 2.8 assists in 37′ of average time on the parquet. Berdini’s basketball journey in the senior leagues, however, began three years ago in Biella. With the Piedmontese team, he played the 2020-’21 Serie A2 championship, playing 31 games and putting together 4.7 points and 1.3 assists in 18′ average. In the summer of 2021 he moved to Ravenna, with which he reached the playoff semifinals right against Acqua S.Bernardo, showing important peaks during the season, specifically in the Supercoppa and the clock phase. In 3 Supercup games he in fact scores an average of 7.7 points in 20′ on the parquet per match. In the 4 clock phase challenges he manages to do even better, scoring 8.5 points in an average of 21′. Last season, the move to Cantù, where he stars in a good championship ended with 5.3 points, 1.4 rebounds and 1.5 assists per match average. Berdini is currently involved with the Italian national team jersey at the European Under-20 Championships in Heraklion.

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