Claudio Domenicali is clear about Marc Marquez and Pecco Bagnaia

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Claudio Domenicali has clear ideas about Marc Marquez and Pecco Bagnaia

During an interview to the microphones of "Repubblica", the CEO of Ducati Claudio Domenicali, among other topics covered, è dwelt on his expectations regarding the debut of Marc Marquez riding the Ducati of Team Gresini and stressed how much the experience of the Spanish centaur will be able to help the rest of the riders, including Pecco Bagnaia.

"Marc will make us grow further: the other seven of our champions have begun to study the way he rides. Heà will be an example for everyone. We will have more internal competition and the World Championship race will become more complicated for our opponents. This year Martin has learned a lot from Bagnaia and Pecco will do the same with Marquez next season. We are confident that we can raise the level further" began the CEO of Ducati.

"Between Marc and Pecco I choose Bagnaia, è Italian, coore in the official team and with him there'è a special empathy. Però Marquez è a champion and if he will be è so good to deserve the title we will be happy. For sure he will fightà until the last for the World Championship. We have done almost scientific simulations, comparing his performance with that of his brother Alex, and we have obtained very positive results, which he will not sayò not even under torture" continued the CEO of Ducati Corse.

"After 17 wins in 20 GPs it seems impossible to raise the bar again, but we will try. Our opponents have asked to change the rules from next year, otherwise we are too strong for them. They have been accommodated. For us it is not è a problem, in fact it is è the best of marketing campaigns" said Claudio Domenicali.

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