Juventus-Inter, derby of Italy also on the market

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Juventus-Inter, derby d'Italia also on the market

After the draw in the last direct in the league, Juventus and Inter would be ready for a new challenge, this time on the market. The Bianconeri, in fact, would have put in their sights Tiago Djalò, a Portuguese defender of Lille, who will go on contract expiration at the end of the season and still out after the injury of the cruciate ligament of his right knee suffered in early March.

According to a report by "La Gazzetta dello Sport", Ds Cristiano Giuntoli would be ready to sink the blow for the class of 2000 already in the winter soccer market session, so as to anticipate the competition in the summer caused by the possibility of the player to agree with the clubsà at zero parameter. In addition, to complicate the situation for Inter, there would also be the inclusion by Atletico Madrid, which, too, would be preparing a bid to acquire the player before he expires his contract.

Given the high level of competition, Inter would have two options: on the strength of the agreement in principle with Tiago Djal&ograve's entourage, wait until the summer session to sign the player as a zero-parameter or pay a low-cost amount for the Portuguese defender&#39s card in January.

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