Olimpia Milano, the bitter irony of Ettore Messina

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Olimpia Milano, the bitter irony of Ettore Messina

These are the words of Olimpia Milano coach Ettore Messina after the 82-69 loss to Partizan Belgrade after having a 15-point lead. Quotes present in the statement of the meneghini.

“È ironic that in the land of the great teacher Asa Nikolic we did exactly as he recommended not to do. Professor Nikolic used to say that when filling buckets with milk, one should not with a kick spill everything. We became professionals, masters of this practice”.

“We played 26-27 minutes of great basketball and then we made all kinds of mistakes and lost our way. What we did towards the end of the third period è was unbelievable. Unfortunately, it è s not the first time this has happened. We can only try to improve, working and maybe recovering the injured”.

“We have made bad choices, we are definitely missing Mirotic, we are still looking for a point guard but that is not è the point. We have enough that we can afford to do better than that. Mirotic? Definitely we are talking about an’absence of weeks but maybe more;. He’ll finish all the tests he has to do and then we’ll know next week what’ll be the best way to recover him”.

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