Cream indigestible for Virtus Verona

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Pergolettese-Virtus Vecomp Verona 2-1

Healthy breath of fresh air for Pergolettese that beats Virtus Verona 2-1 at the Voltini di Crema. The hosts rise to 20 points in the standings, 4 behind the Veronesi who entered a crisis of results: 1 point in the last 5 games. Balanced match, no excitement until 20’ except for a svirgolato by Tonoli from the limit. Nalini answered, volley deflected into the corner. Pergolettese, 17 points in the standings, had made the first substitution at 13’: inside Jaouharu for Aucelli.

Virtus, 24 points in the standings, tried to raise its center of gravity, Casarotto wreaking havoc in the Lombard area, ditto on the other front captain Bariti’s center. Cà Bianca, on the throw-in, with two free teammates on the left, prefers the filtering, easy catch of the extreme Soncin. On the’other front center by Artioli, turn by Guiu Vilanova under the goal, ball over the crossbar.

On 36’ he goes his Casarotto way, skips two and kicks, miraculous Soncin in deflecting the center forward’s conclusion: first save of the match. 45’; Voltan stamps the card with an equally superlative intervention on Tonoli’s header. In summary: one save each at the end of the first half. Start of the second half, same formations on the field.


Guiu Vilanova gets free to shoot from the limit, conclusion to forget. One corner on each side, nothing to do, the game does not break free. 12’: Metlika centers on a free kick from the short left side, Gomez-Soncin contact, ball in the net, canceled by the’referee for a foul by the Virtus forward. First substitution in the Veronese: in Zarpellon and Demirovic for Nalini and Danti.

23’: Pergolettese tough, bangs and rebounds on the edge of the Virtus area, spiovente, volley by Tonoli that s’infila in the corner, Voltan blameless: Pergolettese-Virtus 1 to 0. In danger of capitulating, Virtus, at 26’: low center from the left by Felicioli, started in a suspected offside position, breaks through Mazzarani, resounding post to beaten Voltan.

One expects the reaction of Fresco’s boys that arrives at 31’: Zarpellon, landed in the area by Lambrughi, penalty, beats the other newly-entered Danti, goal: 1 to 1. Pergolettese throws itself forward: Bariti, obstructed by Casarotto, falls in the area, the hosts claim the maximum punishment, for the referee all regular. 37’ in Ruggero and Manfrin in Virtus, Piu in Pergolettese.

The hosts push: Voltan puts his fists on Guiu Vilanova’s volleyed conclusion. 42’, another back-and-forth in the Virtus area, also this time Pergolettese è deadly with the low shot, in the middle of the area, of the newly-entered Piu: 2 to 1. In comes Begheldo in Virtus. Five minutes of recovery time: inside Andreoli. Triple whistle: Pergolettese- Virtus Verona 2 a 1.

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