Jannik Sinner, day at Ferrari

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Jannik Sinner in Ferrari

Jannik Sinner experienced a special day at the Ferrari factory and museum in Maranello. The South Tyrolean tennis player, currently No. 4 in the ATP rankings, had the opportunity to test the very powerful SF90 Spider Assetto Fiorano, with the expert guidance of head development test driver Raffaele De Simone.

"I grew up with a great passion for engines, thanks to my father,” Sinner told Ferrari channels in a post shared on Instagram. One cannotò not notice the unique sound of the Ferrari engine. I feel honored to admire the work and history here in Maranello".

The lucky tennis player also had the opportunity to drive a road model, the Ferrari Purosangue, experiencing unforgettable emotions. "For me it was the first time and it was an incredible experience. In both cases I felt completely comfortable in the car, as if it was a part of myself. Kind of like my racquet: only much bigger…".

During a recent conversation, Jannik expressed his passionate love for Formula 1. He shared that he recently joined the team through a project that aims to promote the brand globally. "I have always followed F1, often in the company of my grandfather. If during tennis you have to play on a Sunday, it means you have reached the final. Therefore, if I couldn’t watch the races, I knew it was for an important reason…. Both tennis and racing are defined as individual sports because of the presence of the individual player on the court or the driver in the cockpit. Despite this, è it is important to emphasize that to achieve the goal, everyone needs a cohesive and well-organized team working in harmony. The sacrifices made by the team are on par with those of the individual athlete or pilot: only by working together can we reach the top".

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