Neven Spahija challenges Virtus Bologna

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The words of Neven Spahija

Challenge to the V-Nere in the early fire for Umana Reyer Venezia. After the defeat accrued in Paris, the Laguna team è returned to work in the gym to prepare for the game, scheduled at the Segafredo Arena on Saturday, Dec. 16 at 8:30 p.m. The teams are paired in second place in the standings on 16 points (8-3).

Neven Spahija spoke this way on the eve of the game: "It&#39s going to be another difficult game for us, especially the fact that we have to be a different team away from home, we have to do more. I think it is not a matter of basketball but of head, we have to be more mentally strong. Paris è an extraordinary team, the best in the Eurocup, but I am concerned about our lack of reaction".

"Everyone talks about our insufficient defense, but è it is difficult to beat anyone shooting 40% at the free and 28% from three. We need to work on our inconsistency, there was no sign in practice to think of a result like the one in Paris", added the Venice coach.

"All teams have problems, and we are not looking for excuses, we have to be more solid. Bologna è one of the best teams in Italy and also plays very well in the Euroleague, I expect an even higher level than Paris Basketball. But we have to react ourselves, è a difficult time, but by continuing to work as we are doing we will improve. So we have to continue like this, hoping to have all the players" available.

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