Varese, Luis Scola responds in kind to rumors of Bialaszewski’s exoneration

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Varese basketball, Luis Scola sheds light on Tom Bialaszewski’s future

With the loss against ZZ Leiden in the Europe Cup, Varese Basketball has brought its consecutive knockouts to five. At the end of the match, White-and-Black CEO Luis Scola wanted to respond in kind to the growing rumors regarding a possible exoneration of head coach Tom Bialaszewski.

"I am calm. We have a good team and players with a lot of potential. I don’t think we are very far from how we want to play, and I think the position in the standings does not reflect the real level of this roster. I am convinced that we will get to play well soon. I don’t like to see how we are playing now, and if we keep losing games we will get to a time when there will be no more room for error. We just need to focus on improving. We have great confidence in our technical staff, so I think it is the right decision to keep Bialaszewski" began the'Ad of the biancorossi as reported by "VareseNews".

"The team is trying to play according to our philosophy, but to date we have not yet been able to express ourselves at our best. We want to play a basketball similar to what we played last year, but it è not yet. We want to win and that&#39s why we continue to work so hard on a daily basis" continued the former Argentine basketball player.

"To date, we are not even close to what we would like to do on the court. To determine whether a certain philosophy of basketball is wrong or not one should first put it into practice and lose, which però we are not doing. We are convinced that these defeats are a result of the fact that we are not playing as we would like" concluded Luis Scola.

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