Dinamo Sassari goes to Verona, Piero Bucchi keeps his guard up

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Bucchi’s words on the eve of Dinamo-Verona

Piero Bucchi presented in a press conference Sunday’s 5 p.m. match against Tezenis Verona. After seven consecutive victories, Dinamo Sassari seeks to extend the great positive series by facing the Veneti in the midst of a race to save themselves.

“First of all, congratulations and good luck to the girls! – began the coach of the Sardinians -. Verona will be a difficult game with a team that is fighting for salvation, we will have to pay a lot of attention to their aggressiveness. It will be a match with a high difficulty coefficient. We are aware that we are facing a team that has a lot of valuable guys. They are very good at rebounds and recovered balls, we will have to pay attention all round. This is a team that has proven to be competitive and prepared, we are sure it will not be an easy match.”

He then took stock of the injured: “We still have some problems, let’s see if we can recover someone. Even on Sunday we will not be full, fortunately, however, we have found a balance and this is our strength. We are evaluating what can be done.”

“The incentive is to keep the 4th position, continue with the games won and finish in the best place in the standings. This is a group that is showing that it has the right stimulus to face every game. We have not missed anything, the emergency is recurring and the boys know the important responsibilities they have. Verona lost some games but all of them in the end, the team is talented, physical. It will be important to arrive at the end of the game lucid and ready to face the last quarter with even more energy,” Bucchi concluded.

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