Campiglio Nocturne: 7 Azzurri summoned

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Notturna di Campiglio: 7 Azzurri summoned

Last finishing touches in Pozza di Fassa and then the slalom team will move to Madonna di Campiglio for the historic pre-Christmas 3-Three night race. Dt Max Carca has summoned seven athletes for the Trentino race: Giuliano Razzoli, Stefano Gross, Corrado Barbera, Tobias Kastlunger, Tommaso Sala, Simon Maurberger and Alex Vinatzer.

The team led by Simone Del Dio will work again in Val di Fassa in the morning on Wednesday, then in the evening everyone will reach Campiglio, where further training will take place in the morning of Thursday, 21. Then the approach to the night race with the first heat at 5:45 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 22, and the second starting at 8:45 p.m. The last Italian podium on the 3-Three dates back to 2020 when Alex Vinatzer was third. Of the currently active athletes, Stefano Gross was also third, but in 2016. The last Italian victory, on the other hand, was due to Giorgio Rocca, who won in 2005, his magical year.

Among the Italian winners of the Campiglio races (they used to do more specialties), the first name that is recorded is that of Gustavo Thoeni, who was first three times: in 1970, for two consecutive days in giant, and in 1971, in slalom. It was his cousin Rolando, however, who won the slalom in 1972, followed, also in the same year but in the following season, by Piero Gros, also in slalom, who then won the giant in 1974. Fausto Radici was first in slalom in 1976, while Michael Mair won the super-G in 1982. Ivano Edalini made the 1986 slalom his, and from that moment on Campiglio became the land of choice for slalom. Then came Alberto Tomba’s three successes, in 1987, 1988 and 1995. To close with the already mentioned victory of Rocca.

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