Big party in Frosinone for poker win over Napoli

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Great celebration in Frosinone for poker at Napoli

Big celebration on the night in Frosinone after their historic qualification to the Coppa Italia quarterfinals against Italian champions Napoli. Di Francesco’s team returning from the capital of Campania è was greeted at the "Stirpe" stadium by hundreds of fans who braved the bitter cold.

Choruses, cheers, smoke bombs and fireworks to celebrate the "heroes" of the Maradona (that is what the Lazio players were renamed). Once off the bus Barrenechea and co. were overwhelmed with hugs. Then autographs and selfies to immortalize a historic moment. Never has Frosinone reached the Italian Cup quarterfinals where they will challenge the winner of Juventus-Salernitana on Jan. 9.

"È was a feat that was the result of the work and spirit of sacrifice of the boys", said coach Di Francesco among the most acclaimed by fans. Reactions to Frosinone’s victory included no shortage of mockery toward President Aurelio De Laurentiis, who had long ago attacked small clubs. "But what is Frosinone doing in Serie A? ", he had sentenced.

Of note is the video of Nicola Ottaviani, former mayor of Frosinone and current League deputy. "It è fulfilled a Christmas fairy tale becauseé on Aug. 19 when Napoli played Frosinone, President De Laurentiis even imprecò in front of a child who had dared to ask a player for a photo – Ottaviani ironized on his way back from Naples – That little fan called me and told me to address a prayer to De Laurentiis to remember for a long time the 4 pellets that Frosinone rifled to his Napoli".

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