Toto Wolff pushes Lewis Hamilton toward history

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The words of Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff believes Lewis Hamilton can still win a title: “È the greatest driver in the world. If we were able to give him a car he would fight for the World Championship, I am sure. È it is clear that when you drive a Formula 1 car like the one we have now, you è never get comfortable, between good weekends and bad ones".

“Whenever we saw that Lewis had someone in front of him, and he could win the race, it came to life: I think we just have to give him that opportunity"” added the Mercedes team principal, who just closed out a 2023 without a single win, to the official Formula 1 website.

Meanwhile, he compares the current Formula 1 to "a circus" (by the way, it did not take him to call it soì since it has always è been nicknamed Circus, ed.), with "strange" rules in which he feels "lost". To do so, as reported by ANSA, è Max Verstappen, in an unabashed interview with the German magazine 'Auto, motor und sport'.

The three-time world champion, while saying that he understands the commercial reasons behind certain choices, does not hide his perplexity about certain recently introduced formats, from the sprint race to the obligation to use three different types of tires in the relevant qualifying, and reiterates that in his view there are too many Grand Prix in a season.

"For me, there are too many races and I would certainly like fewer, but we do not decide and neither does Fia,‖ says the Dutchman, responding to a question about what the federation president claims, who would like fewer Grand Prix and more teams.

But I always argue: fewer races, more quality. What about the teams? Only if they are of good quality and do not just fill the field".

Verstappen then continues with his criticism of the sprint race, which "seen as a pure racer takes away some of the magic, the magic that for me as a child was turning on the TV and seeing the starting grid wondering how it will go. The sprint, on the other hand, allows you more or less to know what will happen the next day, unless special circumstances arise. Also, the winner gets only eight points and the differences from second or third are not big so it generally doesn" matter much.

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