Cagliari, Nahitan Nandez breaks silence: message to fans

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Nahitan Nandez, message to Cagliari fans

The protagonist of market rumors that would have him away from Sardinia in June, if not even in January, Cagliari midfielder Nahitan Nandez has publicly broken his silence and, with a long post published on Instagram, he è addressed himself directly to the Rossobl&ugrave supporters to try to clarify what is happening "behind the scenes".

"Given the statements and comments about me, today I want to put my face to it and speak from the heart as I have always done,” wrote the Uruguayan footballer. “Hearing that I want to leave Cagliari, leave this city, leave these people makes me feel very bad. Reading that I am a sellout and that I no longer want to fight for this team saddens my’soul".

"I spent 5 intense years in this land that for me è paradise,” he added, “I made choices. I chose to stay here until the end of my contract to give all of myself to this Island, even though I had other proposals. We experienced many good moments but also strong and bad ones. We lost the category and in the middle of the way I also had several injuries. But we won the play offs, we felt alive. We laughed and we rejoiced, all together. United. All part of a people".

"Here è my son was born, I rebuilt my family with my current Sardinian girlfriend,” Nandez further explained. “I felt like one of you. I feel Sardinian. Sardinia è for me Home. Many may think that these are just words and probably these words are not enough to best express the love I feel for this city and its people. Those who know me know the respect I have for this jersey and its history".

" I don’t know if this will be my last six months. I don’t know if I will stay here a year, ten or all my life but I assure you that I am happy to have the opportunity’to live in a place like yours and to suffer and rejoice with you. And be assured that until the’last day I will fightò for this team, for the cityà and its people… I will putò all of myself to represent you/us, becauseé this people deserves it! Thank you and always forza casteddu! Until the end together we will make it" concluded the Uruguayan.

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