Jannik Sinner between debut and Sofia Goggia

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Jannik Sinner, the words

Everything is set for Jannik Sinner's Australian Open debut, which will open the program at Rod Laver Arena at 2 a.m. Italian time on Saturday night. "The’goal this year is to go hunting. There will be some weeks when we catch more and some weeks when it will inevitably get worse, that è the nature of the sport. We’ll see what we can catch. I had a few days off, less than a week, and it was certainly good for me to go a little bit’ skiing and mentally".

"It also did me good just to follow the World Cup races on TV. But honestly I wanted to start the preparation as soon as possible. I wanted to get back to work quickly becauseé I want to experience a’very good season, like last season. And to do that I still have to improve“.

"Among all the unforgettable moments of last year the one I think back to most often and that still gives me chillsè perhaps the Davis Cup, becauseé I was able to share it with the team and all the Italians. It è was a success that gave a nice boost to our tennis movement. There are so many people who have picked up or taken up a racket again and this è the most beautiful thing. Personally, then I add the Toronto win, because ité gave me so much confidence and helped me win a lot towards the end of the year. But now I am here and I am glad to be able to come back and feel the competition“.

Skiing-related quip: "I can follow having more’ time, not all races of course. It’ something in my blood, è normal. I was really happy when Paris won the downhill in Val Gardena. Also in the women’s field we have a lot of strong girls, like Goggia and Brignone who are going really strong. I like them because theyé go all out: either they win or maybe they doné (smiles)".

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