Papu Gomez, sensational market backstory on Inter.

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Papu Gomez, sensational market backstory on Inter'Inter

Monza striker Papu Gomez, currently out of action due to disqualification, gave an interview to the microphones of 'Cronache di Spogliatoio' in which he revealed a sensational market backstory on Inter. "I almost signed with Inter when Stramaccioni was there, then they exonerated him,” he admitted. When I was at Atalanta, for 3 market sessions I was contacted by some teams. Especially Lazio".

On the relationship with Gasperini: "Gasperini changed my mentality in training. Before him I was very lazy. When I saw the results, I realized he was right. He changed my way of training. Inside the field, how he prepares matches, how he understands them tactically: he teaches soccer. Making peace with Gasperini? Of course, we are adults. For me è everything is in the past. When we meet, we will hug each other. Last year I couldn’t go to the stadium, I was still playing at Sevilla and I couldn’t go. But I live in Bergamo, there will beà way".

On the World Cup triumph with Argentina: "After the World Cup final in Qatar, è it was pure madness. We were all crying. I had a great laugh at this anecdote: we were on the field and there was Saltbae, the cook famous for how he pours salt. He was on the field and he had taken the cup. And we with our family were waiting to take pictures. But what was theì doing there!  Then we took the plane: 25 hours of travel. We arrived in Buenos Aires and there were 50 thousand people waiting for us. The next day, however, there were 5 million. At the end of the party, I took a cab home to my family. I was completely burned after all that time on the uncovered bus, I could not even sit".

"The Dibu parade? Complete madness. When I saw the ball going past Otamendi, I thought: ‘È over’. Even the France bench was already ready to cheer. Then he made that resounding parade…. During the penalty shootout I was shouting to everyone ‘Kiricocho!’ which è the cry with which we try to jinx the opponents they are about to beat. Brazil was the’only team we feared. With the others we had the confidence that we could win. During their game against Croatia, we cheered every Croatian goal. We saw the penalties just before we went for our warm-up and we cheered as if it was our game" Gomez commented.

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