Nick Kyrgios, snark with Jannik Sinner: “We’ll be talking about this for a long time…”

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Nick Kyrgios, siparietto with Jannik Sinner: "We will talk about this at length…"

Siparietto between Nick Kyrgios and Australian Open winner Jannik Sinner at the microphones of Eurosport: the Australian tennis player jokingly asked the Azzurro how much money he wants to train him, provoking a laugh from the San Candido athlete, who responded by complimenting his colleague, currently out of action due to injury.

"The sure thing è we miss you, you are the kind of player you don’t see often. The way you play and behave makes you different and special. I hope you can come back as soon as possible, I miss you. I hope to see you back on the court, potentially you know you are a champion Slam", said Jannik.

Kyrgios thus commented on the Highlander's rise: "Now that he won the Australian Open, he will be unstoppable. He shows incredible maturity. He just won the most important title of his life, è he is very humble and compliments me. That tells you everything". 

"È a really nice guy and you can tell he already has his eye on something else. He wants to continue to achieve these goals and participate in more Slams. He is not è satisfied. What a player, è ready to move on. We will hear about it for a long time".

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