Reyer Venezia almost full: Neven Spahija announces major recovery

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The words of Neven Spahija

Reyer Venezia hosts Pistoia at Taliercio for the last regular season game before the break for Coppa Italia and Nationals. The challenge valid for the 20th day of the championship è scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 11 at 4:30 p.m. The Orogranata arrive to the challenge with the third place in the standings (13-6) tied with Olimpia Milano while the Tuscans occupy the ninth position (9-10) together with Tortona. In the first game Pistoia won 85-77 with 21 points for Tessitori and 17 for Tucker.

Coah Neven Spahija spoke at a press conference ahead of the challenge with the red-and-whites: "We are prepared. Only Parks will not be part of the match, all other players are available. Kabengele is back, he is not è in a condition to play many minutes, it will take some time, but he is è 100% healthy and today he had his first training with the group".

" We have studied Pistoia, we know their merits and what they do well. They have tremendous offensive talent and produce so much from three-point range. We will have to follow our plan to win this game together with our public" concluded the coach of the orogranata.

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