Danilo Gallinari: three options in the NBA but there is also Milan

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His last experience in Milan was back in 2011


After being cut by Detroit, Gallinari è called upon to make an important decision. At 35 years old, with many injuries behind him, the Italian is looking for one last chance to try to win the NBA ring (won by his friend Belinelli in San Antonio). One last ride in the NBA before returning to Europe where, in all likelihood, he will return to wear the jersey of his beloved Olimpia Milano.

Not an easy situation for the Rooster. Betting on him means having to deal with a player who, at the physical level, does not giveà 100% guarantees. However, the talent è crazy, as well as his NBA experience. At the moment, there would be three NBA franchises interested in Blue, namely Miami, Phoenix and Golden State (on the upswing). Three potential contenders for the NBA ring, at least on paper.

Should he fail to find the right NBA team, Gallinari may decide to advance his return to Europe. His last appearance in an Olimpia Milano jersey was back in 2011. His class would still make a difference in Europe. First, forò, he will tryà in every way to have one more chance to try to realize his big dream: to win an NBA ring.

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