Ugo Humbert makes a confession about Jannik Sinner

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Ugo Humbert makes a confession about Jannik Sinner

Ugo Humbert, fresh winner of the Marseilles tournament, said he has taken Jannik Sinner as a reference point: "His success will generate emulation, è since the end of last year Jannik è has been on the rise. It's something that will give many young people food for thought. He plays really well, he seems to be immersed in a bubble. He's solid on both sides, he doesn&#39t give you much time né on the forehand né on the backhand and he always tries to put pressure on you", are the words taken from Supertennis.

Humbert made no secret of the fact that he is very much inspired by Blue: "In physique we resemble each other, we are both longilinear. I watch a lot what he does: his attitude, è very calm, focused, very professional. He's also è always very correct, and physically he has made tremendous progress. He knows how to position himself very well, when he opens his supports he doesn't waste time in execution. And è one thing I notice because I also think I have the virtue of stealing time from my opponent on both forehand and backhand".

After the victory in Marseille, Humbert è climbed to 18th position in the world ranking. "My physical trainer (Lapo Becherini) who also works with Holger Rune, made me grow in an aspect where I didn’t have much confidence. We spent many, many hours in the gym and lying on the mat and today on the court I am faster, more explosive. I know I don’t have a lot of power and that’s why I have to work regularly. I have always worked hard forò, and this gives me confidence".

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