Max Verstappen, Mercedes hypothesis? Helmut Marko is categorical

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The new knockout transfer should not occur, not even in the distant future.

Max Verstappen to Mercedes, with a future transfer worthy of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari, will not take place né now, né tomorrow, né ever. This is the conviction of Helmut Marko, among the eternal and most convinced supporters of the Dutch star in Red Bull and according to whom there will be no offers able to sway the three-time world champion. Who, in his opinion, will never moveà to the home of the "enemy".

"Toto Wolff will doà everything possible to get the best drivers for his Mercedes, today and also in the future. And he does well, becauseé è his job – emphasized Helmut Marko in an interview for 'OE24' -. Max Verstappen, forò will not waver; even in the face of any offer from them. His memory è good, and he remembers well the too many things that happened in the past. Especially in 2021 and on the Silverstone and Abu Dhabi" tracks.

That world championship contested to the last lap and no holds barred, according to Marko, will ensure that Verstappen will never be tempted by the Mercedes seat. "That season still represents a sore point today. But I feel I can rule out the possibility that one day, out of the blue, Max will tell me that he will no longer drive for us", stressed the longtime Red Bull consultant.

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