World Swimming Championships: Simona Quadarella also gold in the 800 freestyle

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World Swimming Championships: Simona Quadarella d'gold also in 800 freestyle

After her triumph in the 1500 freestyle, Simone Quadarella è repeated herself in the 800 meters as well, bringing Italy back to success after a full fifty-one years after Novella Calligaris. The Roman swimmer finished the event in 8:17.44, just 9 hundredths ahead of Germany’s Isabel Gose and New Zealand’s Erika Fairweather.

"I was really tired, I did not think I would be there in front. It had gotten bad in the race becauseè the others started strong, I gave it everything I had. It was one of the most tiring races I have ever done, but I am so happy" began the Italian swimmer after the race.

"I tried to wait as long as possible to start and keep studying what Gose was doing. At the last turn I saw that è started and from there I gave it everything and it went well. It's the victory of experience. I am not at my best, but I am delighted with the victory. It's a medal I dedicate to my family, I wanted to give everyone a good emotion" added Simona Quadarella.

Ahead of the Olympics Simona’s big rival will be the very strong Katie Ledecky, who did not participate in the World Championships to focus fully on the selections in the USA.

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