NBA All Star Game: highest score ever, East wins

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Only 14 minutes on the court for LeBron James, not at his best physically

Those expecting a "real game" è were disappointed. Despite the return to the old format, the challenge of the NBA stars was è settled with the highest score ever in the history of the All Star Game. The victory è ended up in the hands of the East, which won 211-186 over the West, returning to win an edition of the All Star Game after a full 10 years. MVP of the match è was elected Damian Lillard of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The result was è never in question with the stars of the West going under immediately in the score, accomplice to very high percentages, especially from three points, by the All-Stars of the East. In total, the East put up as many as 42 threes, another record. Conditioned by a bum ankle, LeBron James, in his 20° All Star Game, è stayed on the court only 14 minutes, failing to make his real contribution (eight points).

Lucid, in the post, match, LeBron James in analyzing the match, in fact without real competitive content: "I think we have to think about it. Obviously, from a player’s point of view, è it’s fun to go up and down (and score, ed). However, at the end of the day, our competitive nature, we certainly don’t like to come to terms with scoring soì high"” his words reported by ESPN.

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