Pecco Bagnaia keeps his feet on the ground

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The words of Pecco Bagnaia

Pecco Bagnaia after signing the best time on the second day of MotoGP testing in Lusail spoke to Sky Sports: "I made the record, but it’s just testing. The condition was good to do it, the grip was incredible and we managed to exploit it well. Another’very positive day like yesterday".

"I think we have defined the package in all respects and we are ready to start. I had done 1:52.1 with the tire with twenty laps behind and I was thinking of going down on the low 51: 50.9 è it was good, the soft tire made a difference The GP24 è started well from the beginning in Valencia, in Malaysia we were able to make big steps forward and here we finished the job".

"All the GP24s are going well: me, Bastianini and Martin are all competitive and fast. Aprilia here è went fast, even in pace. The KTM è always difficult to understand. The Yamaha è improved so much in speed, but like Honda it lacks speed in corner exit where it seems they don’t pull. Our bike works very well, we did everything we could to get ready for the first race".


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