Simone Inzaghi anxious about Marcus Thuram

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The words of Simone Inzaghi

Simone Inzaghi spoke about the victory over Atletico: "This match leaves us with good feelings for the boys’ extraordinary performance against a great opponent. There'è regret that we won with only one goal difference because in Madrid it will be an intense match. I am happy for Arnautovic, he is working great, he and Sanchez are working great and I am liking their attitude when called upon. We had a good first half, not great against a great opponent. Second half not good the first 10 minutes then we were amazing and whoever è entered gave us a great hand, they must always be like thatì. Great Inter, great night but there will beà now the return of Madrid".

"Thuram? He had a problem on that shot with Witsel, then he shot at goal and felt hardening. In the next few days we’ll see what he’ll haveà these are things that can happen, we’ll see, we hope not to lose him for too long".

"Me without a voice? The kids make me scream less but I am happy with what we are doing but the last three months are going to be the toughest. It's been an important evening for what we have done and in memory of Brehme, Ferri è was his teammate and he was very tried as we are becauseé we lose a great footballer and a great person, even if he did not live in Milan he would inquire every week".

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