Ferrari, Charles Leclerc is not worried. Sainz thanks fans

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Ferrari, Charles Leclerc is not è worried. Sainz thanks fans

First outing of the year for the Ferrari, on track in Bahrain for the first Formula 1 tests. The morning session gave reassurances from a reliability standpoint, while in terms of times Charles Leclerc was in second place, but clearly detached from Max Verstappen. The world champion immediately sent a signal to all rivals, and pulled away from the Monegasque’s Ferrari by almost seven tenths(with the same tire).

Ferrari, first criticisms arrive

Several insiders have pointed the finger at the development in the view of sometoo conservative of the red single-seater: Maranello would not take risks as other teams did. On the track, the gap from Verstappenès Red Bull wasèevident, although after a few lapsèitès too early to make predictions about the real potential of the SF-24 and the World Championship that is about to begin.

Ferrari, Leclerc not è worried

Charles Leclerc did not è say he was not worried about the gap that was è seen on the track: "The morning è went, we did a lot of laps and completedthe tests we wanted to do. This è positive. Now I will use; the afternoon to analyze the data as much as possible and to see if everything è correlated with what we expected. Then from there; we will start working again", said the ferratist after the tests.

Carlos Sainz: Ferrari fans have me in their hearts

Carlos Sainz, on the track in the afternoon, before the tests è expressed himself in these terms: "Last year we were four or five tenths behind the race pace. With a different approach and a different car, this year we have to reduce that gap. The fans are in my heart, I have always felt very comfortable here. I will doò my best".

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