Juventus soccer market: revolution in summer if Bremer leaves

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Juventus: if Bremer leaves, everything changes

Juventus is considering several options for the summer market and does not exclude at all the possible sale of Gleison Bremer. The Brazilian defender this season è undoubtedly the backbone of the defense of Massimiliano Allegri, but in Turin no one è transferable and will be evaluated any offer, especially from the Premier League.

Bremer, offer coming from Manchester

In particular, Manchester United have reportedly set their sights on the Bianconeri central: according to Gazzetta dello Sport, the player matches exactly the identikit of a defender the Red Devils are looking for, and in the coming months offers could arrive that are difficult to refuse. Bremer è bound by a contract until June 30, 2028, and according to Juventus is worth no less than 70 million euros

Juventus: possible replacements for Bremer

Meanwhile, Juventus executives are evaluating possible replacements for the Brazilian. In case of the central player’s departure, first and foremost they will focus on Tiago Djalò, who arrived in January. Juventus also has the Dutch Dean Huijsen, currently on loan at Roma: his growth in these months will be evaluated.

Juventus: market targets

The Giuntoli-Manna pair is evaluating several zero parameters: the first name è that of Mario Hermoso, who is expiring with Atletico Madrid. The other name on the shopping list è that of Lloyd Kelly of Bournemouth, who still has not renewed with the English club. More unlikely, because of the price, are the arrivals of Alessandro Buongiorno and Giorgio Scalvini: for them will need a very large investment.

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